A comparative analysis of two guitar transcription of Isaac Albeniz´s Granada

The repertoire for the modern classical  guitar  is relatively  limited. As a result,  guitarists have  transcribed  music  originally  written  for  the  piano  for  their  instrument,  in  order  to augment  their  repertoire.  The solo piano works of  Isaac  Albéniz  have  been  extensively transcribed and performed by many  guitarists. Granada, the first movement from his Suite española for piano is  a  favourite  amongst  guitarists  -  sometimes  even  more  so  than amongst  pianists.  This  dissertation  offers  a  comparative  analysis  of  the  very  first transcription  of  Granada by  the  renowned  Romantic  composer  and  guitar  virtuoso Francisco Tárrega, and a more recent transcription by Stanley Yates. The aim of the study is to identify  and critically  evaluate various transcription techniques employed  by  these transcribers, in order to determine the extent to which their transcriptions of Granada are similar and different.

Firstly, the study will contextualise its research aims and objectives by providing  biographical  information  on  Albéniz,  followed  by  a  general  discussion  of  his compositional style and how it  reflects in his piano music.  The history  of  the practice of guitar transcription and the influence important transcribers had on the development of this practice  will  then  be  outlined.  Secondly,  the  study  will  offer  a  detailed  analysis  and discussion  of  the  Tárrega  and  Yates  transcriptions  of Granada by  comparing  certain deviations from and  adaptations of  the original piano score through the interpretation of statistical data. This data, visually  represented by  graphs,  will then be critically  evaluated to  determine  the  extent  to  which  similarities  as  well  as  differences  between  these transcriptions occur.  Finally, the findings of the study  will shed light on the value of these two vastly different, yet very popular guitar transcriptions of Granada.

Marc Röntsch

A comparative analysis of two guitar transcription of Isaac Albeniz´s Granada,%20M.pdf


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