Sérgio Assad’s Aquarelle and Fantasia Carioca: A Performer’s Guide



More accurate and authentic performances of Sérgio Assad’s (b. 1952) Aquarelle and his Fantasia Carioca can be obtained through  insights provided by formal analysis of those pieces, study of the performing traditions of Brazilian traditional music, and  the composer’s reflections and comments.
This document guides readers  in recognizing the subtleties that characterize Assad’s style and its Brazilian traditional music influences. A select group of styles has been chosen based on their relevance in Assad’s work. Characterized by unique accent patterns and melodic/harmonic “clichés,” the influences of each Brazilian music genre can be identified in specific measures of the two Assad’s  pieces  included in this study. The correlation between measures and genres provides specific stylistic features that the performer can apply toward an authentic execution.

Eduardo Minozzi Costa

Assad’s Aquarelle and Fantasia Carioca: A Performer’s Guide



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