The flute and guitar duo: the development of an equal partnership



The 21st century flute and guitar duo literature contains equal parts of intricate melodic and harmonic content, challenging both players with standard and contemporary techniques. In the past, beginning with the late seventeen hundreds, the repertoire for this combination consisted of simple flute melodies and sparse, accompanimental guitar parts. When did an equal partnership begin developing between the instruments and how are professional duos guiding this change? For the research of this document, a survey was drafted and sent to 104 professional flute and guitar duos around the globe, resulting in 51 duos completing and returning the questionnaire. Of the 51 duos that returned the survey, 48 duos qualified as professional and three duos were disqualified.

The general consensus reached is that the flute and guitar duo has developed into an equal partnership in the last 30 years, accomplished through music with more substantial parts for both instruments, beginning with the legendary Histoire du Tango by Ástor Piazzolla. My hope is that those who read this document will understand the need for more flute and guitar music containing equal parts, thus inspiring commissions. I hope, too, that the lists of pieces revealed by seasoned flute and guitar duos (located in Appendix B and C), will be a useful  tool for all flute and guitar duos, especially those starting out in the genre. This document is essential to the university flute and guitar studios and beginning duos in selecting pieces in which both performers will learn and grow as instrumentalists and chamber musicians.

Lisa Marie Schroeder

The flute and guitar duo: the development of an equal partnership



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