Pierre de Breville’s Fantaisie

One of the most interesting developments in recent guitar history concerns a large collection of manuscripts deposited in Linares, in Spain, after Segovia’s death by his wife Emilia. In May 2001 the collection was investigated by Angelo Gilardino, Artistic Director of the Segovia Foundation, and found to contain, among other things, about thirty-four formerly unknown compositions for guitar, mostly written for Segovia in the 1920s and 30s. Two of the most interesting discoveries for British readers were a Sonatina  by Cyril Scott, hitherto known about but assumed to have been lost, and a completely unknown work by Lennox Berkeley, the Quatre pièces pour la guitare.

But there are many other exciting finds too, such as the short piece by the French composer Pierre de Breville. Prior to its rediscovery, all that was known of this piece came from references to it by Segovia in his correspondence and an interview. At the time writing this article (September 2001), Pierre de Breville’s piece was due to be the first item from the newly discovered works to be printed. But who was Pierre de Breville, and what were the circumstances of his piece’s composition? The following article, adapted from my foreword to the forthcoming Edizioni Musicali Bèrben edition, sketches some of the background

Allan Clive Jones (Published in Classical Guitar , January 2002, pp. 16-20)

Pierre de Breville’s Fantaisie


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