Joan Carles Amat (1572-1642) The spanish guitar- Which shows how to tune and how to play chords “rasgado” in a wonderful manner.

Joan Carles Amat was born in about 1572 in Monistrol de Monserrat, a small town near Barcelona and the Monastery of Monserrat. He was the son of Joan Carles and Joana Amat; his principal surname, by which he seems to have been known in his lifetime, is therefore Carles. The Catalan spelling is Joan Carles Amat, and the Castilian, Juan Carlos Amat, but it is not consistently spelt in any of the original sources. Today he is usually referred to as Amat.

He studied medicine at the University of Valencia, graduating in about 1595. In 1600 he married Monica Ubach Casanovas but they had no children. After graduating he seems to have spent some time in Lérida. Later he became medical officer of Monistrol and physician to the monastery. He also held various civic offices in the town. He died in Monistrol on 10 February 1642 and was buried in the parish church although his grave is no longer visible.


Which shows how to tune and how to play all the major and minor chords rasgado in a wonderful manner.

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joan carles Amat

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