The Solo Guitar Music of Carlo Domeniconi: An exploration of the diverses influences



Carlo Domeniconi is one of the most recognised performers and composers for classical guitar in the modern era. He has composed over 65 pieces for solo guitar and over 120 in total for the guitarin a range of ensembles. The majority of his music displays his skill for drawing upon a variety of musical influences from regions as disparate as the Far East, India, the Middle East, South America, North America and Western Europe. Although Domeniconi has produced such a large volume of works for the guitar, his most popular piece by far is the Turkish inspired solo work Koyunbaba.

It is an important aim of this study to show that many of Domeniconi’s works (and not just the popular Koyunbaba) are worthy of examination as well as deserving of a place on the concert platform. In order to highlight this fact, a selection of these lesser-known works will be the focus of this study. The selected pieces reflect a diverse output displaying a variety of influences and musical styles. These will be examined in order to highlight the compositional techniques that Domeniconi used to incorporate such variety into his music resulting in a notable virtuosic catalogue of concert music for solo guitar.

Collin Harries

The Solo Guitar Music of Carlo Domeniconi


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