Lacote á Paris

Aguado, Carcassi, Giuliani, Sor et al all played on either a Lacote or on a Guitar that was of similar dimensions. Being small bodied they are deeply waisted, this feature being reflected in the characteristic figure of 8 head shape.
Unlike the soundboard doming feature that is found on the Spanish Guitars of Torres, French Romantic instruments exhibit a flat soundboard with simple ladder type bracing.
The Backs and Sides were often made of exotic woods such as Brazilian Rosewood and Cuban Mahogany although the more locally grown figured Maple was extensively used.
One of the more important constructional aspects of Lacotes is the lamination of Spruce onto the more decorative outer layer of wood that formed the Back, a feature that was used some years earlier by the Pons family and is still in use by some makers of modern Classical guitars. Solid Backs are not unknown but these are of Maple or Satinwood.
In his later models Lacote employed the use of a scalloped Bar below the Bridge position.

Lacote á Paris

Author:Sinier de Ridder

Lacote á Paris

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