Single string scale technique and the classic guitar

By Keneth J. Andrade

As a astudent of the classical guitar,I found that the standar teach literature for guitar did not prepare me well for either solo or chamber repertory.I found that a basic element of technique was overlooked for guitar:single string scale studies

Single string scales and shifting exercices are used by the other string to develop fluency throught their various register or positions.I discover that the armonic role of the guitar and its predecessors ,caused its technique and technical literature to develop around a relatively fixed hand position

In this tesis i will outline the development of classical guitar tecnique from the Renaissance lute and vihuela to the present day,then discuss the major figures in the guitarĀ“s development to highlight their contributions and trace their deficiences and finally i will present materials i have developed to adress the deficiency of single string shifting and scales


single string scale technique and the classic guitar

kenneth J. ANdrade

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