Rischel & Birket-Smith´s Collection of guitar music • The hypertext catalog of facsimile sources

RISCHEL & BIRKET-SMITH’S COLLECTION OF GUITAR MUSIC • The hypertext catalog of facsimile sources (The Royal Library, National Library of Denmark)

The heart of the collection was collected by the Danish engineer andguitar player Thorvald Rischel (1861-1939). Rischel studied with the greatest Danish guitar player at that time, SøffrenDegen (1816-1885). Degen was a friend of Napoléon Coste and in 1855 had acquired in Paris all of Coste’s works

published up to that time, as well as many of his unpublished works in handwritten copies. After Degen’s death,Rischel acquired his collection of music; the rest of the works by Coste, Rischel acquired during a journey to Paris in1883, when he bought a number of unpublished works in manuscript from Coste’s widow, and in 1893, when he oncemore visited France, this time in search of Coste’s Grande Duo. He found only some sketches for the duo, but,nevertheless, succeeded in reconstructing this composition, which was published in Die Gitarre

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