Electric guitar pickup caracterization and modelling

The purpose of this project is make it easier for guitarists to modify any electronic component of their instrument, as well as to help them decide if any of the changes worth the investment of money and time. The sound of an electric guitar or bass guitar is determined by two factors: the instrument body and its electronics. This project is focused on the electronics, aiming to analyze and recreate them through a software platform without any physical change ne eded. For this purpose, a circuit has been designed as an Arduino shield, based on using the guitar’s pickup as a RLC resonant in an oscillator circuit to obtain the resonance frequency of the system and therefore the pickup parameters with the Arduino mic rocontroller. In addition, a MATLAB application has been designed as a prototype in order to be the reference for the next project’s web application. It can record guitar audio clips, modify them using the graphic user interface and listen the result of th e modifications . Every configuration and recording can be saved and loaded, in order to be share d by the users when the application is online and open – software.

TFG_final_report_JavierValles.pdf (2.779Mb) (11.59Mb)

Javier Vallés Tomàs

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