Lute Realizations for the English Cavalier Songs (1630 – 1670) A Guide for Performers

  This project is a dissertation prepared in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree, Doctor of Music, at Indiana University, Bloomington Indiana, May 2006.  The study consists of an in-depth look at the theory and practical aspects of providing an accompaniment for English song between approximately the death of John Dowland and the Restoration.  Its preparation was carried out under Elisabeth Wright, Research Director, and Nigel North, Chair of the Committee.
Introductory materials and all individual chapters are available as separate PDF files.  File sizes are given for each — please be aware that the large files will require a substantial amount of time to download on a dial-up connection.  The text is copyright Gus Denhard, ©2006, and may not be distributed further without permission. Quotations should be referenced appropriately.

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