Music Theory For Flamenco

This is an analysis of Flamenco music intendend to show its harmonic and scalar foundations in the context of conventional music theory.

Charles H Keyser

Basic Theory
Modes and Scales
The Circle of Fifths
Basic Chord Theory
Keys Used for the Flamenco Guitar
Keys associated with Flamenco Palos
“Question and Answer” in Flamenco Harmony
Major, Minor, and Phrygian Mode Keys Used for Flamenco
Basic Phrygian Mode Chord Substitutions
Secondary Dominants (Phrygian Mode)
Secondary Dominants (Major and Minor Keys)
Secondary Dominant Scales
Accidentals and Complex Chords
Diminished (7th) Chords in Flamenco
Artistic Preferences

Music Theory For Flamenco

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