Jazz Etudes for guitar



This collection of jazz etudes is intended to aid with the development of basic jazz vocabulary and “inside” playing. Each of these etudes is designed to clearly outline the chord progression so that the solo line reflects all the harmonies of the tune. As an improviser, you should be able to create a solo line that stands on its own harmonically and does not depend on a chordal accompaniment to define it. Of course, many other harmonic approaches are possible, but the ability of outlining chords is a basic skill that all players should master.

Since these etudes were designed to focus on outlining chords, they do not contain a great deal of of rhythmic interest or melodic/motivic development. Although rhythmic variety and forward motion, along with a wide variety of accents and articulations, are fundamental to good jazz improvisation, this book focuses on a basic harmonic and melodic vocabulary. Once a player can navigate a tune’s harmony confidently, then rhythm can more easily come
to the foreground.

Jacob Wise

Jazz Etudes for guitar



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