New optical process of making a guitar

The  purpose  of  the  thesis  was  to  design  a  guitar  life  cycle,  based  on  the  situation  of  the Chinese market environment.

Being a guitar player, and also a guitar maker is the reason for  choosing this topic. I had an experience of making my own guitar in 2009. The process I experienced is almost the same
as that in a guitar factory. I desired to utilize my understanding to improve the guitar making process and design. The main purpose of the thesis was to design and make a guitar which would be popular in China.

The  design  was  to  penetrate  the   market.  There  was  knowledge  and  reasons  for  choosing appropriate raw material. History and culture were considered in the design process.
The  other  purpose  of  the  study  was  to  design  an  efficient  factory  layout.  And  the  factory designed in the thesis was to be located in China. The ways of dealing with Chinese suppliers were studied in the work as well as the guitar delivery methods in China. And according to the Chinese instrument market status, the thesis evaluated the marketing for the virtual factory. In addition, hiring and training employees was studied. In summary, the goal of the thesis was to help to reveal the mystery of the Chinese guitar market

Wenbo Zheng…/Zheng_Wenbo.pdf

new optical process of making a guitar



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