The Guitar in England 1800-1924

Stewart William Button

Button, Stewart William. (1984) The Guitar in England 1800-1924. Doctoral thesis, University of Surrey (United Kingdom)

This thesis is in four principal sections. Section one covers the period from 1800 to 1823 and begins with a study of the establishment of the six-stringed guitar in England, together with observations on two early English guitarist-composers, Thomas Bolton and Felice Chabran. Chapters two and three concentrate on four foreign musicians, Verini, Sola, Anelli; and Sor, giving biographical details, as well as commenting on the importance of their concerts. This section concludes with a discussion on the relative merits of three tutors of the period. Section two covers the years 1824 to 185O and shows how English guitarists were dominated by foreign musicians. It also highlights the importance of child prodigies, the gradual increase of solo guitar music, and the emergence of the first guitar periodical, The Giulianiad. The third section observes the contributions made by English guitarists during the period 1851 to 1924. Chapters one and two conclude the lives of Regondi and Pratten, and appraises the work of Ernest Shand. It also shows how some guitarists, through self-patronisation, failed to keep abreast of developments in Europe. The final section considers guitar construction in England and begins with an assessment of the Panormo family, before concluding with a survey of improvements to the guitar.

The Guitar in England 1800-1924


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