Imitative Fantasias in Wurstisen Lute Book (CH-BU MS. F.IX.70)

Yavor Genov

Wurstisen lute book emerges as a very late source of German lute tablature. Written down n the last decade of the 16th century, it stands out for its remarkable size and repertory. The latter is organized in eight books. Fantasias are placed in the third book. Their variety is in respect of chronology, origin, technique, required instruments. The paper in presence is concentrated on the imitative fantasias. Observation leads to the notion that monothematic ones are generally a later part of the repertory, while on the contrary, the polythematic ones refer to a layer preceding with decades the time of copying the manuscript
Imitative Fantasias in Wurstisen Lute Book (CH-BU MS. F.IX.70)

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