The Changing Sound of the Vihuela

- John Griffiths

Jane Hardie often speaks with pride of her activity as a practical musician, not only the virtuosity of her recorder playing in her youth, but also her continuous involvement with practical music making throughout the length and breadth of her musicological career. Beyond our mutual involvement with early Spanish music, I am sure that one of the reasons why we have always seen eye to eye is because we both take a very practical approach to life and, in our scholarly endeavours, because we are both given to finding practical resolutions to the most theoretical of questions. Never losing sight of the nexus between musical scholarship and musical practice is closely related to those things that are at the heart of our professional commitment. My homage to Jane in this volume, therefore, concerns music of Renaissance Spain and the direct application of research to musical practice. On this occasion it is centred not in the long distant past as is our usual wont, but concerns one aspect of the performance history of Spanish Renaissance music in our own time, particularly during the period that spans Jane’s musical and musicological career


A Musicological Gift: Libro Homenaje for Jane Morlet Hardie edited by Kathleen Nelson and Maricarmen Gómez
The Institute of Mediaeval Music Lions Bay, BC, Canada  2013
The Changing Sound of the Vihuela

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