A newly discovered dutch lute book MS Enkhuizen 1667-1

- Jaw W.J. Burgers / Louis Peter Grijp

In 2010 the Dutch folk musician Cor van Sliedregt made a remarkable discovery in the Westfries Archief in Hoorn. In a manuscript in the old archives of the town of Enkhuizen, shelfmark 1667-1, according to the inventory containing a ‘register of journeymen, artisans and suppliers of ships’,1 he found a not inconsiderable amount of music: nine pieces for lute and some 50 monophonic instrumental pieces in staff notation. This music book can, as we will see, be placed in the Dutch town of Enkhuizen around the middle of the 17th century. The discoverer communicated his findings to the editors of the Nederlandse Liederenbank in the Meertens Institute (Amsterdam),2 and moreover graciously permitted us to present this hitherto unknown lute source here.

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