“Folies d’Espagne” As A Show Of Iberistic-French Reception In Lute Tablature Compositions Preserved And Kept In Poland

Grzegorz Joachimiak

When we speak about folias, we usually use two terms: the earlier and the later folia. Tis division was proposed by Richard Hudson. Te folia in the late 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th century had a various meanings: dance of the lower classes, stylized dance of the aristocracy, popular song, type of poetry, comic spectacle and instrumental pieces. By the early 17th century folia was much more common at the aristocracy courts. It appeared as stylized folia dance and instrumental settings like a simple theme with variations.

Sometime they have a different title, e.g. Sarabanda La folie d’Espagne (in: D-B Mus. Ms. 40627, f. 149v) or Folias italianas (in: E-Mn Ms. M. 811, p. 136). Although we can not give a clear border between early and later folia, we could distinguish a few different characteristic features of them like rhythm, tune and “chordal-row”. We don’t know the authorship of the tune of later folia called Folies d’Espagne, but most survived sources point at Italy and France with a clear reference to Spanish and Portuguese tradition of early folia. Afer around 1700 the lute music was transferred to Central and East Europe, mainly into the area of present Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Silesia in Poland.

Tis Iberian-French reception of folies d’Espagne we can also see in the lute tablatures preserved in Polish libraries. However, most of the tablatures does not origin from them but could be found there quite accidentally. Te author of this article describes mainly lute tablatures preserved and kept in Polish libraries, which contain folies d’Espagne. He indicates on provenance, history of chosen collections and he compares these examples with each other and with concordances. Te discusses tablatures preserved and kept in Polish libraries are as follows: PL-Pu 7033 (lute), PL-Lw 1985 (lute and theorbe), PL-LZu M 3779 (lute), PL-Kj Mus. ms. 40267 (Hamburgian zither and guitar), PL-Wn 396 Cim. (lute).
“Folies d’Espagne” As A Show Of Iberistic-French Reception In Lute Tablature Compositions Preserved And Kept In Poland

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