The Guitar in Italy in the Nineteenth Century, sixty biographies of Italian composers and guitarists

Marco V. Bazzotti

The work of collecting Italian music for the classical guitar of the 19th century took me much time in last ten years. Now I can present the biographies of all the greatest Italian guitarists and composers and also of many now neglected guitarists and composers of the last century who flourished in the years between the last decades of 18th-century and approximately 1870, in the so-called Classic period of the guitar and covering about two generations of musicians.
The biography of sixty guitarists and/or composer for guitar of early 19th-century in this Ebook were chosen considering firstly the quality of their output, sometimes very huge or in some cases extremely few. Our selection comprises all major music personalities of the period, showing the only known portraits of the authors, with often controversial attribution assai as in the case for example of Matteo Carcassi..
In Appendix 1 are reported the names of about seventy musicians who did not enter in the preceding list, with few information about their known works. I wish to thank l’Associazione musicale Ottocento and all musicologists of guitar whose works are listed in Appendix 2. Without their works this Ebook would never have seen the light.

I wish to thank also Prof. Thomas Heck for his necessary suggestions about the biography of Mauro Giuliani, Dott. Mario Torta for his valuable suggestions, and last but not least Dr. Michael Penny, Assoc. Professor of Voice at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee (USA), for his valuable help in the phase of translation of these files.

The Guitar in Italy in the Nineteenth Century, sixty biographies of Italian composers and guitarists

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