The Science of Electric Guitars and Guitar Electronics

Jarmo Lähdevaara

This is a book about travelling. It describes the life journey of a Music Note which is set free by plucking a string of an electric guitar. On its fascinating trip towards feeling the freedom of the outside world, our little sound travels through pickups, wires, cables, effect devices and amplifiers, all the way down to the loudspeaker. During this trip, the Music Note faces a lot of difficult situations; it has to push through resistances, fight between the plates of capacitors and take a ride in the whirls of inductors. Luckily our little Music Note meets a lot of friends along the way. By the help of transistors and electronic tubes, our little Music Note  gains a lot of energy and at the end of the signal chain Music Note has grown large enough to set itself free into the surrounding air, feeling the pressure changes and wind in its stem and eventually disappearing into the horizon. And no one will ever hear about it again.

This book is a collection of all the knowledge gained over the years of practising to play bass guitar. Somehow the technical side of things is sometimes more appealing than the artistic side. After several years of studying in the field of
technology, the author realised that everything learnt on the way can be thought about the viewpoint of music and especially guitars. This way of thinking has helped the author to learn many topics in engineering in practise by making a concrete reference to the technology of music. Therefore, this book is a documentation of different topics in physics, music and engineering, all connected by that one bass guitar.

This is a revised edition of the published first edition (ISBN 978-952-286-420-8).
This revised edition is available only in electronic format without a specific ISBN.
Distribution as a pdf-file only from the website

The Science of Electric Guitars and Guitar Electronics

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