Methodology of guitar instruction

Panayot Panayotov

The psychological balance of the guitarist is of great importance. It is established gradually, starting at the earliest possible age. It is essential since it allows the guitarist to express himself completely and show his personal qualities at his performance. They on their part will be brightly pronounced if there is strength of will, strong character, professional habits, and logical thinking. On the last one should start working just from the beginning of the instruction process.
Logical thinking, considering the specific character of the motor activity in guitar playing, is an essential factor for the development of sustainable technical skills and is closely related to various psychological and physiological reactions. That’s why the approach and methodology, as well as the skills and capabilities of the teacher, are of major importance for the
establishing the student’s qualities.
Teacher bears great responsibility in the entire educational process and this responsibility is determined by his character, general knowledge, morals and behavioral pattern. At the same time, the authority of the teacher builds upon his impact on the student’s development. The teacher ought to maintain his professional standard while continuously improves his conceptual and methodological approach…)
Panayotov, Panayot (2011) Methodology of guitar instruction. Pan Styl, Sofia.

Methodology of guitar instruction

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