Ida Presti as a Solo Performer and Composer of Works for Solo Guitar

Candice Mowbray

Ida Presti (1924-1967) was one of history’s greatest classical guitarists. Her extraordinary technique was matched by incredible musicianship. Remembered largely for her contributions to the guitar-duet medium, Presti was a child prodigy and gave many concerts as a soloist before she and her husband, Alexandre Lagoya (1929-1999), dedicated their careers to performing as a duo. Her few released solo recordings reveal that her virtuosity and musicality were evident early in her career. Throughout her lifetime, Presti’s playing exhibited unique vitality and stunning facility. Esteemed colleagues remember Presti with fondness and reverence, considering her untimely death to be a great loss for the guitar community.

Presti’s solo career and compositions for solo guitar are the primary focus of the study. Historical perspective is offered to determine possible influences on her education and repertoire. Her solo recordings and compositions were examined to identify aspects of her technique and interpretive style. Additionally, the study includes a discussion of select works written in homage to Presti. Through these efforts, it is anticipated that readers will be encouraged to listen to Presti’s recordings and perform her compositions and the works written in her honor.

Shenandoah University, 2012, 113; 3537481

Ida Presti as a Solo Performer and Composer of Works for Solo Guitar

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