Perceived differences in electric guitar amplification applications

Karlsson, Björn

This C essay focuses on the perceived differences between solid state amplifiers and tube amplifiers. We will go into depth on the subject of a “tube sounding” guitar amplifier and what it is that makes it “tube sounding”. We will compare tube amplifiers with solid state amplifiers. We will also conduct a blind listening test to find out if guitarists today can make out the differences and point out the amplifiers who use solid state amplification or tube amplification. The information found in this project will benefit both guitarists and sound engineers looking for the right amplifier for the job. The findings in this paper show that players have a hard time distinguishing tube amplifiers from solid state amplifiers when subjected to the blind test, and that the amplification characteristics are a very small factor when choosing the right amplifier for you.

URN: urn:nbn:se:ltu:diva-44180ISRN: LTU-CUPP–10/164–SELocal ID: 1f9bfdb5-3bc2-4d8c-b75f-e27cea7826f1OAI: diva2:1017455

Perceived differences in electric guitar amplification applications

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