Guitar fingerboard theory for high school students : an annotated instruction book

Peter Shavitz

Shavitz, Peter. Guitar fingerboard t

The increased popularity of the guitar in the past twenty years has been accompanied by the publication of a vast number of guitar instruction books. Many of these books are useful in teaching the student how to play the guitar, but very few of them deal with the fundamentals of music theory which can help the student understand the structures underlying the music he is learning. Most of the existing books on music fundamentals are oriented toward the keyboard, but the guitar, too, is a harmonic instrument capable of realizing homophonic and polyphonic music. Rather than learning fundamentals of music from a keyboard-oriented text and then applying them to the guitar, it is more efficient for the student to learn theory directly on the guitar, where concepts and their application can be grasped simultaneously.

GUITAR FINGERBOARD THEORY FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS is a pedagogical tool. It fills a gap in the existing literature by explaining fundamental concepts of music theory and accompanying each explanation with: written exercises; fingerboard drill; aural drill; excerpts from guitar music selected by the American String Teachers Association; and referrals to other sources for further drill. The text and the scope of topics covered are aimed at high school students. The exercises and musical examples are appropriate for students who can read guitar music fluently in the first position and are prepared to begin an exploration of the remainder of the fingerboard

Guitar fingerboard theory for high school students : an annotated instruction book

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