Flamenco : A Musical Journey into the Heart of Andalusia

Sara G. H. Brinker

There is a comnon saying among the flamencos,a mantra deeply entrenched within the flamenco under world that will be heard over and over again.It will also be found in most any thing ever written of flamenco,in any language.As the saying goes, flamenco is not a form of music.It is not even a style or dance, or a folk art.It is none of these things and yet all of them; flamenco is a way of life. It is not uncommon to hear flamenco spoken of the people who practice it (and even those who affectionately observe from the outside ) as if it were a religion, or even a cult. It is the nature of such things to be in her enth difficult to prya part scientifically, materially, or objectively. Spiritualit and the emotional expression that comes with it is the most important component of flamenco to those who live it.These are not musicians who are formally trained; many do not even read music,much less theoretically analyze
it. For this reason, flamenco can not be discussed or understood if spiritual and emotional subject materialis omitted from an explanation of the art.As mystical as this approach  may seem, more and more current scientific data is being compiled supporting the claim that music does in deedelicit quantifiable physiological changes.

Flamenco : A Musical Journey into the Heart of Andalusia

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