The Late baroque lute Seen through S.L. Weiss

Michel Cardin

The Late baroque lute Seen through

This article should help to get a deeper understanding of our process of perception and mental  organisation  when  we  listen  to  a  late  Baroque  lute  interpretation,  by  examining  the fundamental  elements  that  are  sonority  in  itself  and  the  unique  sound  aesthetic  of  the instrument;  we  will  try  after,  in  the  Appendix  2,  to  show  the  enormous  preponderance  of ornamentation  in  the  musical  discourse.  In  this  view,  there  is  maybe  no  better  example  than the music of Silvius Leopold Weiss (1687-1750), the great genius of the instrument.

The Late baroque lute Seen through S.L. Weiss

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