The approach to tango, by classical guitarist

Tim Panman

Since I started to play tango music, I noticed that there were multiple technical and harmonical approaches to playing and studying a piece.   When I started my studies here in the conservatory, I immediately noticed that my main subject lessons were divided in two parts. In the first part my teacher (Kay Sleking) would go through classical pieces (etudes) with me, and the second part of the lesson would be about tango pieces.
Of course, we were working on my technique by playing these pieces, but I also noticed that my overall playing was changing. Even my approach to the tango pieces changed, and I managed to implement my technical skills (obtained by the etudes) in the tango pieces. I came into this conservatory, having the very basic skills necessary to play tango and classical. But what I did not have, was knowledge of, for example, the harmony, or tango vocabulary, or how to phrase.

The approach to tango, by classical guitarist

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