New Light on Mauro Giuliani’s Vienna Years

Michael Lorenz

The legendary Italian guitarist Mauro Giuliani’s private life during his stay in Vienna has always been overshadowed by a small mystery. It is known that he fathered an illegitimate daughter with an obviously Viennese woman, but nothing could ever be revealed concerning the identity of the child’s mother and the closer circumstances of her relationship to the composer

All authors, who have delved into Giuliani’s more than a decade-long sojourn in Vienna, more or less agree that it was in late 1806 that Giuliani left his wife and his two children in Trieste and went to Vienna where he expected to successfully pursue his career as guitar virtuoso and composer. In his book Mauro Giuliani, virtuoso, guitarist and composer (Columbus: Orphee, 1995), which is based on his 1970 dissertation…)

New Light on Mauro Giuliani’s Vienna Years

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