Giuliani’s Naples: A Walking Tour

Nicoletta Confalone / Grégory Leclair

With 430,000 inhabitants in 1800, Naples had become the third most populous European city after London and Paris. The excavation of the site of Pompeii in the eighteenth century gave a special prestige to the city. Its newly unearthed antiquities and frescoes led to a vogue of neoclassicism across the arts. Images of ancient Greek and Roman lyres inspired the creation of the lyre-guitar, an instrument on which Mauro Giuliani performed on various occasions in Naples–probably more for its visual effect than for audibility’s sake.

Confalone, Nicoletta, and Grégory Leclair. 2016. “Giuliani’s Naples: A Walking Tour.” Soundboard Scholar 2, (1).

  Giuliani’s Naples: A Walking Tour

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