Violeta Parra: Life and Work

Lorna Dillon

The Chilean artist Violeta Parra (1917–67) is renowned for her contribution to  Latin American letters; her protest songs are championed and her poetry is a  mixture of the Spanish American canon. All artists are united by their creativity,  yet each artist works from a unique philosophical perspective. In the quotation  above, taken from a letter that she wrote to her partner, Gilbert Favre, Parra  conveys the spirit and intention of her creative endeavour. Violeta Parra describes  her creativity as a form of generosity, a way of uplifting her spectators and touching  their souls. The letter, one of the few records in which Parra reflects upon her  own artistic practice, communicates her vision with great clarity. What she makes  clear is the impact that she hopes it will have on the individual. Alongside this  desire to provide a positive experience for the audience, there is an activism and  a simple yet deep philosophical heart at the centre of all of Parra’s work. Multiple meanings converge in her unique poetic, a fusion of Chile’s strong heritage of popular poetry, and of artistic currents that were extremely modern..)

Violeta Parra: Life and Work

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