Fastab: Solving the Pitch to Notation Problem

I have always been frustrated with the length of time necessary to notate a piece of music. Computers have simplified so many other aspects of our lives, it seems that they should be able to simplify this task as well. In fact, there are already two distinct ways that engineers have attempted to attack this problem. The first analyzes the waveform generated by microphone input and relies on Fourier Analysis and other similar methods. The other examines the analog signal generated by a electric guitar-like pickup placed beneath the strings. The method used by Fastab relies much less on the musical properties of an instrument. Instead, Fastab records where and when the fingers and pick contact the instrument using digital electronics and microprocessor technology. Fastab provides a solution to the pitch to notation problem which is cheaper and more accurate than any other device available today.

By Jeremy I.Robin

solving the picht notation problem

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