Classical guitar instruction for the pre-college clasroom

This project is a curriculum for secondary guitar instruction. It consists of eight
levels of study and is designed for the beginning to intermediate student. It has repertoire
selections and explanations of the pedagogical validity of the works. These works were
selected due to their cumulative and didactic nature and because of the specific technical
issues they utilize. These technical issues are introduced gradually to ensure a student's
steady and incremental progress in both technical and musical aspects. 

The student executes exercises from such sources as Aaron Shearers: Learning
the Classic Guitar, the Royal Conservatory of Music graded repertoire series, and works
by many of the most celebrated composers for the instrument. This project includes
repertoire of all styles and periods and is truly varied. It is an invaluable tool for any
guitar educator.

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classical guitar instruction

Author:  Blake Wuestefeld

Master’s Thesis (M.M. in Music Education)–Columbus State University, 2007.


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