Arpeggio and Scale Resources. A guitar Encyclopedia

Arpeggio and Scale Resources

For a book to be an “encyclopedia” it should be complete and systematic. There are many commercial books on the market that call themselves scale or arpeggio “encyclopedias”, but there are no good ones. Most of them just repeat the same few dozen scales as all the rest. A lot contain impractical or partial fingerings; some even have no diagrams at all. Many have confusing or incorrect explanations and analysis; that’s if they have any at all. Some just cash in on a famous guitarist’s name or hope you’ll buy them because they come with a useless CD of examples.

This book was written in frustration at the existence of so many poor-quality books. I’m a professional teacher, not a music publisher, so I can afford to spend 20 years researching and experimenting to produce the best-quality book available. I can also afford to let you download it for free, because frankly I’d rather have people use it. I’d be delighted if you bought a paper copy — I get a couple of bucks for each one sold, so it would help me out. If you choose not to, though, that’s OK.

By Rich Cochrane

Arpeggio and Scale Resources

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