Homage in the solo guitar music of roland dyens

By Sean Beavers

This treatise is a study of homage in the solo guitar music of Roland Dyens. Chapter One provides a brief history of musical borrowing and homage. Terms like dedication, arrangement, allusion, and homage are distinguished from one another. Chapter Two provides a brief biography of Roland Dyens and a discussion of his musical style. Chapters Three, Four, and Five explore relationships between Dyens’ works and those by composers that influenced him. Chapter Three presents a discussion of the influence of Heitor Villa-Lobos on Dyens, as exhibited by Saudade No.2 and Hommage à Villa-Lobos. Chapter Four covers the influence of Leo Brouwer on Dyens, as seen in the works L.B. Story, and Éloge de Léo Brouwer. Chapter Five provides a brief survey of Dyens’ other homages for solo guitar. These include the following works: Hommage à Frank Zappa, Deux Hommages à Marcel Dadi, Ville D’Avril (Hommage à Boris Vian), L’Allusive, Triaela, and some of the 20 Lettres. In Appendix A, there is an annotated list of Dyens’ solo guitar works. Other appendices provide lists of Dyens’ arrangements, chamber works, and ensemble pieces as well as Dyens’ discography.




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