Music of Ceyhun Saklar. How does Saklar use Anatolian Music on his Compositions?

Over  the  centuries  there  have  been some  composers  who  have  been influenced by their own folk music. As a musician who has beeninfluenced by folk music and played it for many years,I have found the relationship between folkmusic and  classical  music very  interesting.   Thus  my  question  is  “  how  did  the  classical composers  used  folk  music  elements  in  their  compositions?ʼ” As  a  result  of  my research the first issue I would like to deal withis ʻʼwhich composer tochoose for my research”?

To  understand  folk  music  it  is  vital  to  understand  where  it  comes  from, itʼs origans,  its  people,  its  landscape,  its society  and  culture. As  a  student  I  studied classical music and I used to live in Anatolia which is the Asianpart of Turkey. Since I was very youngI have sungand played Anatolian folk music. I believe thatpeople have certain music types which they “carry in their blood” as we say in Turkey. As an outsider listening to folk music from another country, we may enjoy the music very much but may  not  understand  the  true  meaning even  by  studying music  at  the conservatorium, we can play/use the same notes, rhythms, harmony. But some how it wont sound the same. For instance, when I hear real Anatolian music, I can easily start dreaming fo the mountains of my country, my people, language etc. Therefore learning and to understand folk music of a certain countrybetter, we must exploreitʼs culture. [Because  the  culture  is  the  center  of  language,  people,  social  dynamics,
history,  improvement and  what  society  leaves  for  next generation  etc.  Where  folk music gets itʼs own feedback.]

Aktas F. Erdogan

Music of Ceyhun Saklar. How does Saklar use Anatolian Music on his Compositions?



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